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Still the MASTER: Trump’s 2020 website ‘error page’ perhaps the most GUT-BUSTING troll of Hillary YET (cue unhinged Lefties)

Only in 2019 would the President of the United States have perhaps one of if not THE strongest troll games around. Oh sure, there have been PLENTY of times we wish he’d just lose his phone or think before he tweets, but every once in a while we see something like this and we can’t help but offer up a fist-bump or two.
Because this here is pretty damn funny.
Lmfao when you go to Trump 2020’s website error page it shows a pic of Hillary Clinton as President and says

“You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist”

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‘You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.’

And true story, President Hillary does NOT exist and never will.
Thank GOD.
Definitely up there.
Right? And that it’s his official 2020 campaign site?
The master.
We really really really really really hope this somehow came from Trump himself but it’s more likely that his IT peeps did this.
This will never NOT be funny.

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