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‘Stop being so sanctimonious’! Alyssa Milano catches heat for telling Dems to stop rejoicing in David Koch’s death

Many on the Left are rejoicing in the death of libertarian billionaire philanthropist David Koch. For what it’s worth, Alyssa Milano has not joined in:
Celebrating a man’s death while fighting to abolish the death penalty is a bad look for democrats/humans.

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This rings a little hollow from someone who regularly celebrates the murder of unborn babies, but any call for some semblance of civility is rather refreshing. No wonder so many of Milano’s ideological allies have a bone to pick with it:
Wow her finger wagging to the left is getting old. It's always over stupid shit too.

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You know what Alyssa? We're all doing the damned best we can to get through this awful period in history. What I'd really love is for everyone to stop telling mem how to feel and react to something. I adore you and I respect you but you aren't perfect either.

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I'll be honest I don't see the connection.

Taking some pleasure at the natural passing of a truly horrible person isn't really the same as objecting to the state killing someone for a crime.

In a world this bad, can we really afford to worry about our "look" anymore?

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No, it's not. The state did not kill him. No one assassinated him. He died of natural causes. People are allowed to be grateful he won't cause more harm. He was not a good person.

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To be sincerely relieved by the natural death of a person who caused great harm and suffering to others is not only NOT the same as advocating for the man-induced death of another, but it is totally natural, rational and just.

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Stop being so sanctimonious. I celebrate when white supremacists die. His actions may not have impacted you, but they negatively impacted millions of us.

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Death doesn't automatically earn u respect. Do u know what this horrible man did? He used his fortune funding climate change deniers in the yrs when science was clear & there was still time to act. This jerk died leaving us fires from the Amazon to the Arctic by his actions!

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You mean being relieved by the death of a shitty, globally toxic human while also pushing to end the death penalty due to the innocent lives taken at the hand of the federal government? Apples and oranges. Come on.

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We're not celebrating his death.

We're denigrating his life. Which it was worthy of.

I'm sure we'll all feel the pain of remorse while we shamble along in teeming climate refugee hordes, scavenging the wasteland for food.

We'll wish we'd been nicer to him then.

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It's literally good that one of the koch brothers is dead and we should all be hoping for a quick reunion in hell

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I agree with you on most things but David Koch was evil itself. The world is better without him, and would have been much better if he hadn't lived.

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One of the biggest advocates who put millions of dollars toward climate deniers has now died of natural causes. David Koch will never have to suffer on 🌏—the dire effects of global warming. This is why I hope that there’s is a hell 🔥—so this POS can suffer what he has sowed!

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Not all Dems are against the death penalty. Also, I see nothing wrong with being happy that a bad person is no longer among us. Chill.

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I will not celebrate a man's death. However, I will celebrate the earth being able to breathe a tiny bit better today

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Until people like that are held accountable for the things that they do, their death will be the only relief that people can get. It’s horrible, but true.
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The Devil's Death is worth cheering for. Evil has no right to live, especially at OUR expense.
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