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Study: Voters can form false memories after seeing fake news stories (like the ‘very fine people’ hoax)

This study actually comes out of Ireland and was done in connection with the country’s abortion referendum, but PsychCentral has picked it up to see if it applies equally to U.S. politics.
The research was conducted in the week before the 2018 referendum on legalizing abortion in Ireland, but researchers suggest that fake news is likely to have similar effects in other political contexts, including the U.S. presidential race in 2020.
“In highly emotional, partisan political contests, such as the 2020 U.S. presidential election, voters may ‘remember’ entirely fabricated news stories,” said lead author Gillian Murphy of University College Cork. “In particular, they are likely to ‘remember’ scandals that reflect poorly on the opposing candidate.”
Scott Adams, who’s long been trying to debunk the “Charlotteville hoax” in which President Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people,” thinks this is the perfect example.
Looks more like Biden, Beto and most Democrats are the ones *creating* the and keep promoting it to fill that void where their Policies, Personalities and Patriotism should be.

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Just ask any liberal: Did Trump call neo-nazis and white supremacists ”fine people?”
Liberal: YES
Hers is the proof transcript and video
Liberal: I don't believe it!

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Like that one time media convinced half the country Trump was Russian spy and anyone who disagrees is a Nazi?

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this has been going on for over a decade, everyone remember when sarah palin said she could see russia from her house? well that was an SNL skit, not actually her.

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They don’t believe it, they just use it because they feel it gives credence to the lie that Trump is racist. No one in the MSM pushes back, so they get away with it. Over and over again

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Da Look at all the people that just repeat @CNN and @MSNBC talking points but when you press them with facts and evidence they don’t know what to say

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It seems particularly effective too, when paired with the rapid-fire, 24 hour, sensationalist new cycle we have.

Before you can work out a whole story, they're beating you over the head with something else and you just remember sort of agreeing with the headlines.

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And then there’s the news that’s just plain wrong, such as Lawrence O’Donnell’s big Deutsche Bank scoop or Ken Delanian’s tweets about American service members’ kids being born overseas not being American citizens.

How many times would we have to play the video of Trump condemning the neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville before people would stop using the “very fine people” line?


  1. What is the Source of these Studies? Or Stats?

    Are these from the gov./feds? Or university? Universities are funded by the govs.
    They have ALWAYS lied thru their teeth, from Real History, archaeology,to science, to astronomy, to Current Events, to vaccinations, to WWI and WWII, to the Total Population of this planet, etc.

    So, these Studies aren't necessarily true, these are put forward to change Society and to control the Populace. Use your Common Sense.

    1. What's being described is a common tool of propaganda...
      It's no secret, or hidden knowledge, just read some Bernays and Lipmann and you'll find the basis for how it works.