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‘Thank you, NEXT!’ John Brennan lectures Americans on who we need to elect in 2020 and WHOA NELLY that’s some BACKFIRE

John Brennan has some nerve thinking he has ANY business talking about who we need to elect in 2020. Maybe he missed it but he’s not exactly someone many of us trust when it comes to elections … like at all.
But you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.
This freakin’ guy.
The stain Donald Trump leaves on our Nation’s soul should be a constant reminder that we cannot assume candidates for public office have the competence, integrity, & decency Americans deserve. In 2020, we need to elect someone to safeguard & strengthen democracy, not trample it.

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The only stain this editor sees right now is named John and looks a little bit like an upside-down, overly ripened avocado.
Tweeps in the Twittersphere were less than impressed with John’s take on who we need to elect:

That too.
Man who spied on congress, reporters, citizens and an opposing campaign lectures us on "trampling our democracy"
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Hey - it’s obvious you’re used to nothing happening, but the protection of your power. Our democratic Republic is safer now than it was under Obama, so I’m not sure what to say about your falsehood. Hate makes us say a lot of bad things, I suppose.
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Wow...reading some of the declass docs this week, I would venture to say that you mean "elect someone in 2020 who looks like a politician, talks like a politician and deceives the public like a politician"

Donald Trump was the "stain remover"

Thank u, next....
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Ruh-roh, John Boy.

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