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‘The agenda is saved!’ Watch these media firefighters fall all over themselves to bury the Dayton shooter’s politics

Early this morning, CNN posted an article on the Dayton shooter. The article mentioned, among other things, his apparent leftist politics.
Attempts to equate the El Paso and Dayton killers are ramping up. Key fact: Authorities have not said that the Dayton attack was politically motivated in any way, nor have they described it as a domestic terrorism case.

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The headline actually focused on his politics:
Kellyanne Conway was among those who shared CNN’s report:
Well, we all know that we can’t have that. The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein called Conway out:
There what is, Sam?
Me sharing @CNN story without comment bothers you, @samstein?

Excerpts from @CNN:

“A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts retweeted extreme left-wing & anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-facist, protestors.” https://twitter.com/samstein/status/1158714403103158272 

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It’s not just Sam Stein who’s bothered. It’s also NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny:
Everyone has personal politics. Not all mass shootings are politically motivated. (Most are domestic violence.) It’s beyond irresponsible to use the Dayton shooter’s lefty Twitter to assign a political motive. The far right would like to equate Dayton to El Paso. Don’t let them.

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Business Insider’s John Haltiwanger:
WaPo’s Philip Bump:
The Daily Beast’s Justin Miller:
Had the Dayton shooter targeted a GOP event, then there would be reason to suspect a political motivation, such as him apparently supporting the left. But he didn't. Instead, CNN and others throw everything at the wall, no matter how tenuous.

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So CNN here basically turned Dayton into a terrorist attack, obscuring the actual terrorist attack in El Paso, where the perpetrator wrote in his own hand he was acting to advance a political agenda. Both sides!

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Right-wing ghouls immediately seized on the Dayton killer's Twitter account in the hours after and used it to harass, even blame, journalists he followed who cover the far-right. That was pumped into the mainstream and a day later, CNN ate it up.

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CNN does invaluable work, especially during breaking news and should know better than to treat anything in a person's life as evidence, let alone proof, of motive.

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No doubt there are plenty more where that came from. There would have to be. Otherwise people might think that some lefties aren’t peace-loving saints.
And how.
Justin is the guy who pointed out an iron cross pin on a shooter’s coat and ignored the hammer and sickle pin right next to it. Good to have him back tho.
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Everything in this is a fact. It happened, and Justin and his gang are upset about it. These are not journalists. Not in any way.
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I’m sure Justin & Daily Beast would ignore a mass shooter’s twitter account if he had retweets of Mike Cernovich and Dave Rubin or Proud Boys all over it and not run a single story about it.
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Daily Beast’s entire MO is when a mass shooting happens, go after the twitter accounts or Instagram accounts to find out the shooter’s politics. But not this time I guess.
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Ironic that you dismiss before the investigators are even ready to do that. Also beyond irresponsible. Motivated reasoning is one helluva drug.
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"White males are dangerous, angry, and entitled and that is why they keep shooting people."

*shooter is leftist*

"We don't have a motive."
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"Actually the Elizabeth Warren and Bernie supporters that do mass shootings aren't to blame, Trump is." - Journalism 2019
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Something tells me if a dude committed a mass shooting but left no manifesto and no motive, but journalists found an instagram picture of him wearing a MAGA hat, they wouldn't be doing backflips to excuse it away.
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Can anyone imagine media types making the claim that we shouldn't jump to conclusions over the intentions of a Nazi masshooter who supported Republicans?
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Keep up the good work, Truth Guardians! Keep it up and maybe CNN will rewrite their headline. Better yet, rewrite their whole article!
They did it.

They found a way to ignore that the Dayton shooter was a radical Antifa terrorist.

The agenda is saved!
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We saw it happen in real time.

I can just imagine the flurry of emails that have been going back and forth the last two days.

Say it with me folks.

Media is the enemy of truth.
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I didn’t expect media to ADMIT they’re bias so openly. I’m honestly shocked by this.

But I’d like to thank them for proving everything I’ve ever said of them.
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And now you see why media is to blame for this.

When people see this kind of corrupt bias they no longer have faith that there’s someone “looking out” for them. Someone calling the balls and strikes fairly.

It creates mistrust.

It isolates people.
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You couple that with the idea that life is disposable from the moment of conception and it’s a powder keg.

These losers who become mass murderers believe in “their truth.” Because they’ve been taught that “their truth” is all that matters.
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If media can shape narratives towards an agenda for political purposes and get away with it, why shouldn’t these nutjobs feel the same?

There’s no black and white. There’s only “my truth.”

So these losers think they can go around killing people.
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Great job, firefighters. As usual.

The talking points went out this morning, all the media is on the same page: ignore the politics of the Dayton shooter because he was a Leftist.

This is why Trump will win in 2020, the media cannot help but he dishonest to the point where they will be irrelevant. https://twitter.com/pbump/status/1158717636240400385 
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