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They protest what YOU stand for! Ilhan Omar wins ‘Dumbest Tweet of the Day’ with this humdinger about Hong Kong protests

When Democrats like Ilhan Omar say things like ‘take our democracy back’ we have to wonder if they actually understand they’re saying they want to take the country away from other Americans. Given their recent narrative, agenda, and platform perhaps they do know.
Not to mention the people in Hong Kong are protesting the sort of government Ilhan and her squad wants for us, but we digress.
Maybe she missed it, but over 60 million Americans already did protest overreaching government when they elected Trump.
From evil Republicans, of course.
Funny. They are waving American flags & singing our Anthem. Why did you immigrate here if it is so awful?

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Right? If our country sucks so much why did she come here?
It’s so tiresome.
You speak as if we have had our freedoms taken. And yet you are one of those who want to remove those freedoms. This tweet is weird that way
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Ilhan’s tweet is a hot mess of stupid.
As hard as they tried, the Women's March didn't reverse the results of the 2016 election... so I'm going with No.
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So much no.
Imagine for a moment if Donald Trump tweeted something like this... 🤔

There would be INSANE OUTRAGE and the headlines would be "Fascist Trump calls on his supporters to take to the streets and overthrow the government!!!!"

When Omar does it... it's silence.
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They’d be burning buildings down in their own communities …
Because that’ll show Trump!
Ilhan Omar, the people of Hong Kong are protesting everything you stand for. You win the ‘Dumbest Tweet of the Day’ Award.
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Winner winner chicken dinner.

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