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This TOTALLY happened. Sure: Journo James Dyer’s thread about going through LAX immigration sets off BS detectors

Wow. James Dyer wrote an entire thread about how LAX immigration questioned him about being fake news.
He didn’t get a name or a badge number or speak to anyone about this crazy behavior BUT he did get on Twitter to tweet about it. Which makes what he wrote seem totally legit.
Take a gander:
Wow. Just... wow. Just went through LAX immigration. Presented my journalist visa and was stopped by the CBP agent and accused of being part of the ‘fake news media’.

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Because, you know, CBP agents are all about going after journalists.
He wanted to know if I’d ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are “spreading lies to the American people.” He aggressively told me that journalists are liars and are attacking their democracy.

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Sorry, we just do not buy this crap.

Apparently the only truth now comes from YouTube and the president. All this said under a CBP sign that says “we are the face of our nation.” And with a framed picture of 45 staring down. In fucking California!!! Welcome to Trump’s America!

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He let me go after I said that I was just here to write about Star Wars, and would keep the fake news about that to a bare minimum. Thankfully the statute of limitations has expired on @ChrisHewitt’s 5 star review of Attack Of The Clones...
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Then a large group of juggling biker mimes tried jumping James in the parking lot but luckily the local leprechaun gang intervened and saved him with their magical pot of gold. James ran to his Uber which was being driven by a grizzly bear who was not only able to drive and speak English, but he was an amazing singer who entertained the hero of our story the entire way to his final destination.
Hey, it could happen.
The fact that I had been watching Years And Years on the plane made it particularly poignant! This isn’t news but the malignant affect this presidency has had on what was once a beacon of democracy and freedom is absolutely chilling.
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We are super chilled.
To clarify for those (kindly) saying this was illegal detention, I wasn’t detained or taken into a room. This all happened at the visa/passport/fingerprint check and only lasted a couple of minutes. He made no attempt to physically detain me beyond the questions (and lecture).
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- Yes it did happen (and calling this fake news in itself is more irony than my jetlagged mind can take).
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Then give us the name and badge number, James.
- No I wasn’t mistreated or detained in any way. Questions at customs are to be expected while fingerprinting etc is going on. It’s just the fake news/MSM diatribe that was surprising and inappropriate.
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And didn’t happen.
- No I didn’t get his name or make a complaint. As I said, he didn’t mistreat me so while I despair that an official made these comments and that these troubling views have clearly been so normalised, I didn’t take it any further. (I just moaned about it on twitter!)
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- Yes, Chris did give AOTC 5 stars but it’s been 17 years so it’s probably time to let that go.
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