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UH OH: Marianne Williamson’s idea for a ‘U.S. Dept. of Peace’ gets Brianna Wu’s support (BUT she sees ‘unhelpful gendered messages’ in the logo)

Elizabeth Warren’s been trying to brand herself as the “plan for that” candidate among the 2020 Dems, but Marianne Williamson’s holding her own with proposals like this:
It has to be asked:
Williamson has said that as president she would not only ban “assault weapons,” but also the manufacture and sale of bullets, so we’re guessing the answer to that is “yes.” Maintaining that kind of “peace” will require a lot of force.

Yeah, but do they have a pink logo? Speaking of which, Democrat congressional candidate Brianna Wu thinks Williamson’s Department of Peace is a great idea, but the logo needs some work:
100 percent for the idea of a Department of Peace.

But I think making this logo pink sends unhelpful gendered messages. It makes peace seem like a feminine idea, when it’s an interest irrespective of gender.

I think green would be a better color. Growth. Nature. Positivity.
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Because of that kind of woke input from the Left, we’re thinking Williamson’s logo would never make it past the neverending “progressive focus group” phase.

As if they could ever come up with something that didn’t offend somebody!

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