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‘Utterly idiotic’: Conservative woman DISMANTLES Tom Nichols and his ‘voting third-party logic’ and it’s perfect

Anytime someone tells you that voting for a third party is somehow electing someone you don’t want to be elected just remind yourself that’s NOT true, even if the person telling you this thinks they know everything.
Like Tom Nichols.
Don’t get us wrong, man, we used to think Tom was one of the smartest cats on Twitter. But since Trump won in 2016 …
Honestly, it’s very sad for this editor in particular because she used to look up to him.
Several people disagreed with Tom’s take here, but Conservative ‘Molly Ratty’ perhaps said it the best:

She went on …
The only candidate for whom I'd vote and fully endorse and own every part of her agenda and policies is me. And I'm not running.
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Dammit, because this editor would totally vote for her.
This is not entirely a joke. The point is I don't own politicians. I'm not obligated to be on their team, even if I vote for them. I'm on Team American Constitution--the rule of law, not dumbass politicians.
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That party could totally work.
And I think the result of people like @RadioFreeTom to force people to own everything about the politicians they vote for is not better voting decisions, but even more tribalism and less holding politicians accountable.
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And about ‘punishing’ people for not doing as they’re told.
Tom has managed to fully embrace the Flight 93 election bullshit spewed by a whole bunch of people he berates on a daily basis.

I don't owe my vote to anyone but myself and none of you people are going to scare me into changing my mind.
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The mic has been DROPPED, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. How stupid you people truly are!
    Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, who believes there is ANY difference between opposing 'parties' in a congress or parliament, ANYWHERE, is delusional, and therefore, should be institutionalized!

    1. If they wanted US to have a real choice, then "None of the Above" would be on the ballot for each and every candidate.

      Further, in those cases where NotA wins, the "losing" candidates should be banned for life from running for the same Office.

  2. molly is spot on. too bad there are too few americans with common sense .