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Viral video: New York City cop ‘pelted with Chinese food’ while trying to arrest a man in the Bronx

It was less than a month ago that a video showing New York City police officers being doused with water and having objects thrown at them by bystanders as they made an arrest in Harlem went viral.
The NYC Police Benevolent Association placed the blame on “anti-cop lawmakers” who had wanted the NYPD “frozen” and got their wish. And now the NYC PBA is back now that another video uploaded to Facebook has gone viral, this one showing a cop being pelted with Chinese food while trying to make an arrest in the Bronx.
A new video shared on social media shows a plain-clothes cop being pelted with a container of food as he and several officers try to arrest a man during a Bronx barbecue party, the latest clip to surface online of NYPD officers being assaulted on the job.
The one-minute video, which was posted on Facebook and shared over 1,500 times, shows several plain-clothes officers in bulletproof vests attempting to apprehend the man while trying to break up an unruly crowd at the party.
As the suspect is brought down to the ground by two cops, a man in a white T-shirt and a red hat throws what looks like an open container of Chinese takeout at a third officer, hitting him in the back and covering his shoulders with noodles, the video shows.
Joke, get rid of NYPD, theyve been rendered useless. Use state Troopers in these neighborhoods.

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The troopers couldn’t handle the city, no offense to them but down here they do car stops not patrol like the city does, start cracking their heads when they resist arrest and it’ll stop real quick !

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And how much do these officers get paid? Working this shit show every night would need to pay AT LEAST $100 per hour. How can you expect even the most modest of officers to stick around? people and STOP voting Democrat! These liberals destroy everything!

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The fine men and women of the @NYCPBA have been years without a contract. The suicide rate is as always to high. One is too high, this year 6. This is the PANTALEO effect. The criminal has no fear because the @NYCMayor will back them over the police.

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Blame the racist anti cop mayor for this situation! Followed by Fredo s brother the governor of New York. This is disgusting ! Where are the senators to appeal to the house and get a law to protect the cops! Making it a felony!

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How’s the campaign going @NYCMayor ? You turned the city into ! Congratulations ! This is the PANTALEO effect.

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We’d suggest Mayor de Blasio get back to his city and fix this, but the city’s probably better off with him playing games at the Iowa State Fair.

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