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Want to be an ‘expert’ like Tom Nichols? @AG_Conservative has figured out exactly how to do it

Earlier this week, True Conservative™ Tom Nichols said he’d vote for Elizabeth Warren — or any other Democratic candidate he’s deemed “not emotionally disturbed” or “in bed with a foreign power.” Their actual policies just aren’t that important to him, you know?
Well, lucky for us, he decided to expound on his thoughts in a USA Today column:
Once more, for the people in the back who didn’t hear him every other time he pulled this tiresome crap:
The Democratic candidate will promise to nominate people into Cabinet posts who will make me tear my hair out. But at least I will be confident that they are in charge of their own inner circle, instead of surrounded by unprincipled cronies who keep their own boss in the dark while taking a hatchet to the Constitution. Is there anyone that Warren or former Vice President Joe Biden could bring to, say, the Justice Department, whom I would fear more than an odious and sinister courtier like William Barr?
I never thought I could miss Eric Holder, yet here we are.
It is a sign of how low we have fallen as a nation that “rational” and “not compromised by an enemy” are now my only two requirements for the office of the president of the United States. Perhaps years of peace and prosperity have made us forget the terrifying responsibilities that attend the presidency, including the stewardship of enough nuclear weapons to blow the Northern Hemisphere to smithereens.
As long as the Democrats can provide someone who can pass these simple tests, their nominee has my vote.
At least he’s got standards.

Maybe @AG_Conservative can explain Nichols’ thought process a little:
I’m thinking of writing a “I’m a former Republican who thinks conservatives are all terrible and everyone should only vote for Democrats in every election” column, then changing a few words and publishing it 70 more times.

It seems like a lucrative business model for some.
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Then I can go on MSNBC and talk about how I’m really concerned with Democratic norms which is why I’m voting for candidates who reject all the norms and principles I claimed to believe in.
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We must protect our norms and institutions, but I don’t really care about someone expanding SCOTUS, eliminating Electoral College, killing the filibuster, changing Senate makeup, or really any of the Bill of Rights. Those things just aren’t priorities.
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That’s Tom Nichols in a nutshell, yeah!
You're probably too late to the game. I can't see how any of these guys will add any kind of value to MSNBC/CNN post-Trump.
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“I can’t vote for Trump” can be a respectable and principled conservative position.

Even “There are some Democrats I would prefer over Trump or some Republicans”.

“All Republicans are terrible and you should only vote for Democrats, regardless of their views” is not that.
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Tom Nichols is an example, but there are a few more. He specifically said he would vote for a Dem dog catcher over a Republican. That has nothing to do with Trump.
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And everything to do with Tom Nichols being a shameless fraud.

When you hate someone, so much, that you are willing to sacrifice your principles, to defeat them... You give them power over you. They have defeated you.
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