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WATCH: Kamala Harris Attacks President Trump For Helping To Free A$AP Rocky From Swedish Jail

Rapper A$AP Rocky was released from jail in Sweden thanks for President Trump.

Kamala Harris is not too happy about it.
When speaking at the NAACP National Convention, Kamala Harris attacked President Trump for his “misuse of power” for helping to free A$AP Rocky from jail.
WATCH Kamala’s nonsensical attack of President Trump here:


  1. kamala harris bitch is proud to have sent way too many people to languish in california prisons simply for smoking the pot, which is not even illegal here anymore.
    shame on you bitch.

  2. These American politicians are good at one thing, making total asses of themselves on television.

  3. The closest Kamala will come to the Presidency is if she should perform fellatio on The Don. How do these defective personality types gain so much media traction? Scary stuff.

  4. two pigs...the one on the left eats herself to death while the other takes to her knees in front of Willy Brown and collects $400k for very little work...