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‘Way to change the subject’! Eric Holder’s attempt to lecture Scott Walker on gun control is the self-awareness FAIL of the week

Eric Holder didn’t appreciate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pointing out a detail about the ex-AG’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee organization:
If anyone tells you that @EricHolder is “fighting against gerrymandering” and for “fair maps,” just look at the form his organization filed with the IRS. The truth: their mission is to “FAVORABLY POSITION DEMOCRATS FOR THE REDISTRICTING PROCESS.”

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But it was the ensuing exchange that deserved at least as much attention. It started with Walker’s response:

Fast & Furious? Ouch! Holder’s reply is a self-unawareness doozy:
Nope. Just furious about the way in which you’ve tried to destroy our democracy. But if you really want to raise guns Scotty tell everyone where you stand on an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks and barring the sale of large capacity magazines. Your turn. Go ahead. https://twitter.com/scottwalker/status/1164695808534634499 
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He can try all he wants but people haven’t forgotten:
Newsflash for Mr. Fast and Furious: you can't lecture anyone on gun control and expect to be taken seriously
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Take the L and move on, Eric.

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