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Whoops! If AOC thought Donald Trump could help her make a case against the Electoral College, she thought wrong

It’s pretty much a law of nature that there’s a Donald Trump tweet for everything. This is no exception:
What’s interesting, though, is that it’s being cited favorably today by Electoral College foe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:
Aside from this “democracy” business …
What’s AOC’s endgame here, exactly? Proving that Donald Trump is right or affirming that she’s an idiot? She clearly hasn’t thought this through. What else is new?
You and Mr. Trump indeed have something in common. He was wrong then and you're wrong now. The EC protects us from transitory regional biases.

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Just because you agree doesn’t mean you’re right. You and the president are both dead wrong on this one.

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We’ve pointed out plenty of times that AOC is basically Lady-Trump. Why does she feel the need to constantly remind us?

Well, it’s official: AOC is back on Twitter with a vengeance.
Well, it’s official: AOC is an elected official who has no idea how our government is supposed to work.
It’s not just “Republicans” who should be arguing that the U.S. isn’t a democracy; it’s everyone. Because we’re a republic. But then, we know AOC’s not concerned about being factually correct.


  1. AOC's theme song . . .


  2. YAWN more BS ABOUT AOC. none of those "elected" parasites in govt understand how the govt works. its been so corrupted no one realizes its not even a democracy, let alone a representative republic. smh.