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‘Will Tom ever tire of being ratio’d?’ Tom Arnold tries picking a fight with Chris Loesch and it does NOT go well for him (like at all)

As you know (unless you live under a rock and with the way things are right now in this country who could blame you if you did), then you know about Chris Cuomo’s ‘altercation’ with a Trump supporter and the ridiculous aftermath that followed, especially over the insult, ‘Fredo.’
Chris, of course, claimed it was a racial slur (dude) which made for endless mockery, and several on the Left (and even some on the Right) came out and defended him and his behavior during the altercation.
Chris Loesch brought up an interesting counterpoint …
Anybody defending Cuomo, answer this for me.

The next time my wife and I are being protested or verbally assaulted and called all sorts of infinitely worse names than Cuomo was called, like terrorist or racist or Nazi... can I threaten them with physical violence?

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Fair question.
Imagine the shiznit-storm that would follow if Loesch was caught on video threatening someone like Cuomo did. It would be endless cries of, ‘OMG THE LOESCH’S ARE VIOLENT NAZIS, WE KNEW IT IT ALL ALONG! THIS IS TRUMP’S AMERICA’.
And for whatever reason, Tom Arnold felt the need to chime in:
Do it! Stop whining & make your own video waterboy. Beat up survivors of gun violence. Maim parents who lost children in schools because your evil wife & her NRA blocks common sense gun safety laws. Shoot kids who lost moms because your ghoul wife blocked red flag laws Go Chris!!

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Sweet baby corn, was this even English?
Also, would someone let Roseanne’s ex-husband know Dana doesn’t work for the NRA anymore? Thanks.
Chris responded.

No one has ever accused Tom of being the brightest crayon in the box.
Doesn’t look like it but and HEY, job security for Twitchy y’all!
I'm tired of Dana Loesch, Wayne LaPierre @NRA @realDonaldTrump killing women, children, cops & other innocent Americans by year after year blocking common sense gun legislation while bigger more deadly violent assault weapons of war are pouring into the streets & I'm tired of you https://twitter.com/ChrisLoesch/status/1161817846587912192 
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Tom is so tired of Chris and Dana that he harasses them on Twitter.
Seems legit.
Average # of deaths per day in US:

Abortion: 1,778
Heart disease: 1,773
Cancer: 1,641
Medical error: 685
Accidents: 401
Stroke: 401
Alzheimer's: 332
Diabetes: 228
Flu: 150
Suicide: 128
Opioids: 115
Drunk driving: 28
Underage drinking: 11
Teen texting-and-driving: 8
All Rifles: 1
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I’m now tired of C level Hollywood extra(Tom is not a star).Looking to say anything to be relevant.Alyssa Milano are you listening?
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C-List? Psh, D-List at best.
He and Alyssa could form a club.
Tom Arnold is tired of hearing facts.

Tom Arnold is tired of American Patriots speaking up to protect their Constitutional Rights.

There. Fixed it for you.
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I’m tired of gutless maggots who look to find scapegoats rather than blame the criminals who actually pulled the trigger.
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Many people are tired of a guy who cannot get his career going other than by yapping on and on about this president. Where are those tapes again??
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Gotta wonder if this went the way Tom hoped it would because YIKES, this was bad. SO bad.

And there you have it.

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