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WOW: Bette Midler hates Trump SO much she’s cheering for a guy who complained when he couldn’t use the n-word

Yesterday the news broke that Joe Walsh was ‘strongly, strongly considering’ entering the 2020 race to challenge Trump.
Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh says he is "strongly, strongly considering" entering the 2020 race to challenge President Trump: “He’s a horrible human being. He’s a bad, bad guy.” https://cnn.it/2ZhUICJ 

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And Bette Midler was SO EXCITED, she even called Walsh a patriot.
Psst … hey Bette.
Here’s the thing though.

But you know, he’s a patriot and stuff.
How absolutely uninformed is she?
You know what, don’t answer that.
Right! Except for the little fact that he’s totally nuts. Read some of his older tweets.
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Orange man bad and stuff.
Oh, we left that part out.
This seems to have gone over well with Bette’s fans.
Walsh is not 'in' the party. He's a radio host. He is most known for ducking his child support payments thus name rec is not positive. Frankly, I don't know why Mitt Romney ran for Senator to sit on his hands.
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And that’s the reality, Bette.

Sorry, not sorry.

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