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Wow, Joan Walsh really owned Dana Loesch with this joke after Saturday’s mass shooting

If we wanted to — and if we wanted to publish so many obscenities as to trigger Facebook’s algorithm to declare us a porn site — we could just do a post on all the people blaming Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso on Dana Loesch, who was already put on a show trial on CNN following the Parkland mass shooting. Her fingerprints are on the gun the shooter used Saturday, don’t you know.
Here’s a typical tweet, but the reason we include it is for CNN political contributor Joan Walsh’s contribution to the thread, which consisted of what might be considered a joke if it didn’t so closely follow a horrific tragedy in which at least 20 were killed.
No, I don’t, and ridiculous remarks like these betray any concern you feel for the people whose deaths you’re exploiting right now in such a vile manner. Get some empathy and Jesus in your life. God bless. https://twitter.com/dislexicon/status/1157765742885912576 

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Loesch has been handing out a lot of “God Blesses” Saturday.
You have blood on your hands. Your children will NEVER, NEVER outlive your evil. Racists and evil people never think they are. You are a PRIME EXAMPLE. It is deplorable.

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Always classy to bring Loesch’s kids into it — they always do. But wait, here’s Walsh making a funny:

Boy, she sure owned Loesch. Maybe she can work that into her standup act.

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