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‘You are one smart cookie’! Sharyl Attkisson makes TPM’s Josh Marshall look like a TOOL in brutal back and forth

Sharyl Attkisson chimed in on why the New York Times has decided to map out their narrative in a way to shape all news and events they cover in the context of racism. So we figure this means if they write about a really bad traffic jam they’ll blame evil white men and racism for it.
Or something.
Sharyl, of course, said it far better:
And for whatever reason, this seems to have ‘triggered’ TPM’s Josh Marshall.
We’re shocked Josh doesn’t have Sharyl blocked …
Not sure why he’s so mad at her for explaining what it is the NYT has openly said they plan to do.

2/ It’s challenging for wingnuts. But the President coddles white nationalists and believes they’re a crucial part of this base of support. He’s right. The majority of the country thinks Trump is racist because he’s really racist. This is a real story.

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White nationalists.
They do realize at this point they are all but re-electing Trump in 2020 with this nonsense, yes?
That. ^
Yes, that's exactly how gifs work. (Bravo for figuring that out, you are one smart cookie! Don't let anybody else tell you otherwise!)
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That’s not what she said, Joshy.
He’s one smart cookie.
She went on …
He started it.
you really seem up on things. we are admittedly a small publication. but we break news and we’ve never had a story discredited and debunked, let alone a string of them, as you have. happy to rest on our rep.
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Happy to rest on a rep when he blocks anyone and everyone who might disagree with him.

How convenient.

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