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Yuck. Creepy Lena Dunham Accused of Inappropriate Behavior After Trying to Kiss Brad Pitt on Lips at Movie Premier

Lena Dunham grabbed a surprised Brad Pitt and kissed him on the red carpet of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” during the premiere in London on Tuesday night. 
She tried to kiss him on the lips.
But Pitt turned his head while Dunham still had about half of her mouth on his lips.
But she’s a hardcore liberal so she will get a pass. 
Lena has a history of being inappropriate.
This is hardly the first time the actress has posed naked in photographs on social media; in October 2015, Dunham went topless when she spontaneously decided to auction off the sweater she had been wearing to a benefit for Planned Parenthood. The sweater brought in $4,000 for the group, and Dunham later posted a shot to Instagram.

In May 2016, the actress posed naked in a bathtub with her then-pregnant co-star Jemima Kirke to share a pro-choice message.

And Dunham drew widespread condemnation on social media in 2016 when, during an episode of her podcast, she said she had never had an abortion, but that she wished she had in order to better understand the stigma surrounding the issue.

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