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‘Zealots do NOT laugh at themselves’: John Hayward’s thread about the Left’s ‘war on comedy’ is the BOMB

Good ol’ Dave Chapelle … the man has been breaking barriers and making us laugh spanning three decades. And the reaction to his latest special by the Left (and even some on the Right) is sadly all too telling of a society and a country that has lost its sense of humor and its ability to laugh at itself.
John Hayward penned a kick-a*s thread on this very topic.
Comedy is ultimately a vehicle for modesty and humility - it makes us laugh by reminding us that life is full of absurdities and we could all become straight men or punch lines. Lefty totalitarians are devoid of humility and think their sacred beliefs should not be mocked. https://twitter.com/neontaster/status/1166331044779479041 

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When you have no sense of humor you never really GET comedy and as we’ve seen time and time again with the Left and their meme game, their sense of humor is seriously lacking.
Steeped in Alinsky's theories, the Left reverses them and tries to block every counter-cultural move against THEIR cultural dominance. As Communist China studied the fall of the Soviet Union, so the Left studies the 60s and aggressively prevents subversion against their hegemony.

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Reversing Alinsky's tactics, the Left thinks it can manufacture consensus by enforcing reverence. If THEIR idols are above satire and criticism - if you get silenced and punished for mocking them - then you will submit to their ideas.

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Enforcing reverence.
Damn, that’s good.
Then you will submit to their ideas …
Yup, it’s all about power and authority for the Left.
At the very least, by demanding reverence and squelching subversive comedy, the Left forcibly maintains a presumption of moral superiority. Society is compelled to assume good faith from leftist ideas and leaders that cannot be mocked, and bad faith from their enemies.
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Moral superiority on the Left.
Now, THAT’S funny.
This is pervasive throughout left-dominated popular culture and "news" media. The Left's war on comedy is another way of reserving populism exclusively for itself and asserting all populist appeals employed by its enemies are evil, racist, greedy, homophobic, etc.
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Think of any major lefty issue - climate change fanaticism, open borders, you name it - and ask yourself how often you see it satirized or mocked in pop culture. Then ask how often you see the other side derided in the harshest terms and made to look as foolish as possible.
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In comedy we find humility, accepting the possibility that we might be wrong, that we are fallible and vulnerable, and we accept that possibility by laughing. Zealots do not laugh at themselves, or allow others to do so. /end
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And curtain.

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