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Alaska Ordered to Pay $100K to Muslim Inmates Over Ramadan Food Options – CAIR to Provide ‘Religious Sensitivity Training’ to Correctional Officers

Once again terror-tied CAIR is calling the shots and forcing Sharia law onto American citizens.

The Alaska Department of Law settled a lawsuit with CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations] over Ramadan food options for Muslim prisoners.
US District Judge for the District of Alaska H. Russel Holland, a Reagan appointee issued an emergency order forcing the state to address the problem.
The Anchorage Daily News reported:
The Alaska Department of Law and the Council for American-Islamic Relations have settled a lawsuit stemming from the feeding of Muslim prisoners during Ramadan.
As part of the settlement, the state will pay $102,500 to plaintiffs Anas Dowl and Ernest Jacobsson. The settlement also requires changes in the way the Department of Corrections feeds prisoners during Ramadan and in the way prisoners are permitted to pray.
The lawsuit was filed in 2018 against Dean Williams, the commissioner of corrections under then-Gov. Bill Walker. The settlement was approved Friday by federal Anchorage District Court Judge H. Russel Holland, and the case has been closed.
The settlement states that Muslim inmates also “are permitted to congregate for each of the five daily prayers in their mods,” “are permitted to facilitate Friday religious services,” and “Muslim inmates are permitted to participate in Islamic study groups.”
Not only was Alaska forced to pay a $100,000 settlement to appease jihadi inmates, terror-tied CAIR will be providing ‘religious sensitivity training’ to the Department of Corrections officers.
In other words, CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Hamas funding case in US history will be dictating to prison correctional officers how they must treat the special and protected Muslim inmates.

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