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Blue-check journos invent a conspiracy theory after President Trump tweets about the latest jobs numbers

The NYT’s Maggie Haberman invented a conspiracy theory this morning after President Trump tweeted about “Really Good Jobs Numbers!” Haberman questioned if he got an “advance look at the numbers out….tomorrow” and if he’s trying “to spin them ahead of time, which is deeply questionable as an action by a president”:
Trump’s tweet was sent at 9:40 AM:
And, yes, the BLS will release the jobs numbers tomorrow, but. . .

. . .there was an ADP report out today that said “Private Sector Employment Increased by 195,000 Jobs in August”:
Trump’s crime may have been believing the MSM? FWIW, this tweet was sent at 8:47 AM, long before the president’s tweet above:
Haberman wasn’t the only one accusing the president of something improper:
"Except for members of the staff of the agency issuing the principal economic indicator who have been designated by the agency...employees of the Executive Branch shall not comment publicly on the data until at least one hour after the official release." https://www.bea.gov/sites/default/files/2018-05/federalregister09251985.pdf  https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1169606328945451009 
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They really can’t help themselves.

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