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David Hogg: White people feel it’s American to pick up of gun because of their xenophobia

Hopefully, you caught our post earlier about Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, whose acceptance to Harvard was rescinded but will be working for Dave Rubin at The Rubin Report — college can wait a little bit.
And then there’s David Hogg, whom we can only imagine got into Harvard because of his high-profile anti-NRA activism and co-founding of the March for Our Lives.
Here he is on “All In With Chris Hayes” explaining that … hold up <checks notes> … white people feel patriotic picking up a gun because they’d rather not understand people unlike themselves — people who apparently aren’t white and consider peace patriotic instead.
Far-left activist David Hogg: “White people feel that it is more American to pick up a gun because you are afraid of what you don’t know than it is to actually explore what you don’t know ... because I would personally argue that peace is patriotic”

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Why white people? Or does that question just answer itself?
Does he think only white people own and use guns???? Is somebody telling him what to say or is he naturally this stupid?

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I don’t understand why the Left feels the need to pick on white people as though it’s a fashionable thing to do. Sad.

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Imagine if someone started a sentence with "black people" and followed it with a generalization

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You know what’s not patriotic? Singling people out by their race. Change “white” to “black” and imagine how outraged everybody would be at these remarks.

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@davidhogg111 I can assure you, if you are in the midst of a violent attack and fighting for your life, wanting to explore the unknown will not be your focus. Survival will be. A firearm is the best tool to ensure that survival. Don't want one? Fine. But ... Leave. Mine. Alone.

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So @davidhogg111 if a rapist grabs a victim and holds a knife to her throat, she should "explore the unknown" and love her fellow man?

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Next time someone breaks into my house, Ill explore why that person is breaking in and maybe they just need some career counseling.

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So when someone is bursting through my door or trying to car jack me, let me just talk to them about peace.

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I’ll be sure to remember that when I wake up to somebody breaking into my place or when I’m about to get carjacked at a gas station.

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It’s clear @davidhogg111 doesn’t know much about what he thinks he knows. The assumption that gun ownership is about personal fear of the unknown makes that abundantly clear. Let’s hope he never needs a good guy with a gun - oh wait, point proved.

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Can Hogg point to one time, one place in the world history where there was complete peace. That would mean no crime, wars, arguments or altercations. As long as there are evil persons the right of self-defence is necessary.

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@davidhogg111 needs to stop trying to impose his will on others. Real PEACE is when we all get along with each other and stop trying to get others to conform to our beliefs. I have no problem allowing others to live as they want to live. Just wish the left would show me same

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Join the Army and see the world, meet and make new friends who want to kill you. Please do experience this.

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There was a time when tales of a boy raised by wolves captured our imagination.

In the future we’ll share tales of the boy raised by bumper stickers. Far left, wacko, bumper stickers.

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  1. Getting rid of Whites is killing the goose that lays the Golden Egg.

    The Blacks in S. Afr. are doing it, reverting back to their savagery before the Europeans.