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EXCLUSIVE: Police Found Gun in Osundairo Brother’s Apartment – Similar Weapon Jussie Smollett Used in His Music Video on Gun Violence

Jussie Smollett created a fake crime claiming white nationalists attacked him after midnight in Chicago.  The two African assailants from Nigeria were later determined to be his friends.

What’s not being reported is what was found in the safe of the Nigerian scammers.

It is more than enough to put the two brothers in jail.

Chicago police found numerous contents in the safe of the two Nigerian scammers that Jussie Smollett paid to lynch him. Note that the safe contained a firearm, multiple types of ammunition (a 9mm Caliber magazine with live rounds, 45acp Caliber magazines with live rounds, and boxes of all types of ammo), and bags with white powder. 
It is also interesting that when the Chicago police executed a search warrant on the two Osundairo brother’s apartment they found a gun vault safe that contained the following items:
1 14375970 Hipoint model c9, 9mm caliber semi auto pistol
1 14375970 9mm caliber magazine with live rounds
2 14375979 45acp caliber magazines, Glock brand with live rounds (gun is missing…)
2 14375996 Boxes labeled Remington 22 rounds (gun is missing…)
1 14375996 One box labeled Hornady 00 buck shotgun shells (rifle is missing…)
1 14375996 Box labeled blazer .45 auto ammo
1 14375996 Box labeled federal .45 auto ammo
1 14376021 Fabric fanny pack green in color
1 14376029 Paper packet containing two small plastic bags containing white powder
1 14376038 Unknown make, unknown model, black laser sight
1 14376044 One twenty dollar bill USC
1 14376045 Miscellaneous paperwork
A possession of a hand gun in Chicago may be illegal depending on the circumstances and could result in a felony or a class A misdemeanor punishable by 1-2 years in prison.
Considering the fact that the two Nigerian brothers engaged in various scams like distribution of steroids and drugs, were paid to commit criminal activity of mailing death threats and lynching for hire, and maintained a sizable arsenal, how is it that the Chicago Police just let them go?  Clearly their actions were criminal.
It’s also concerning that Smollett created a song about gun violence and used a picture of a similar hand gun and same trigger type that was found in the safe of his Nigerian friends in his music video. Also, there is a missing .45 Gluck hand gun (the one that goes with the magazine and .45 ammunition) and possibly a .22 rifle, and a shotgun. The reason for this is that one wouldn’t keep ammunition and a magazine without the firearm. So the question is where are these missing firearms?
While Smollett is making anti-gun movies his friends and associates are stacking up on illegal firearms and perpetuating the exact problem Smollett is preaching against –

You have to wonder if Smollett’s song was made for the fake crime –
The lyrics are as follows –
Too many guns on the streets
In my heart, I can’t take it no, oh
Tell me how this happened
Where did we go wrong?
Say we stay together if we choose to walk alone
Blood covers our streets
Hatred fills our home
Gotta get this message out before we’re dead and gone
Need freedom
Our world is cryin’, no more silence, with guns and violence
Need freedom
I can’t…

This all certainly goes well with the Harris, Booker, Smollett, Foxx, and Michelle Obama anti-second amendment narrative.  What a mess these people got themselves into.

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  1. ""Similar Weapon Jussie Smollett Used in His Music Video""

    oh the son of a bitch had a similar weapon? get a rope!