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Far Left Judge Orders President Trump to Give Videotaped Deposition in Mexican Protesters’ Lawsuit

A New York judge on Friday ordered President Trump to give a videotaped deposition in a lawsuit that was filed by protesters of ‘Mexican origin’ who claim they were physically attacked outside of Trump Tower in 2015. 
The six Mexican protesters are suing Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, Trump’s campaign and his security crew.
A protest erupted outside of Trump Tower New York in 2015 in response to Trump’s comments he made about dangerous illegal aliens from Mexico.
Here is video from the September 2015 rally.
The Associated Press reported:
A New York judge Friday ordered President Donald Trump to give a videotaped deposition in a lawsuit filed by protesters who claim they were roughed up outside Trump Tower in 2015.
State Supreme Court Judge Doris Gonzalez of the Bronx denied Trump’s effort to quash the subpoena, ordering him to videotape a deposition for the trial before jury selection begins Sept. 26.
The lawsuit stems from a Sept. 3, 2015, protest outside Trump Tower over negative comments Trump made about Mexico and Mexican immigrants when he had begun his presidential campaign that summer.
Six protesters of Mexican origin who claimed they were assaulted sued Trump, the Trump Organization, his presidential campaign and security personnel.
President Trump tried to quash the subpoena, however the judge sided with the protesters’ lawyers and said that Trump’s argument that there must be “exceptional circumstances” to depose the president of the United States did not apply in this case.
“The decision today stands for the proposition that no one is above the law, including Mr. Trump,” said Benjamin Dictor, a lawyer for the plaintiffs.


  1. No author attributed to write up, won't mention the judges name, just a slimy member of the BAR on his knees for attention.


  2. Time for La Raza financiers to be exposed and their agenda extinguished. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC

  3. All show. Illegal aliens have no access tho our court system here in the U.S. They must file suit in their home country. The judge knows this.

  4. What the Devil does Trump have to do with something that happened outside one of his properties? And what the Devil is some judge saying that it is it about this case, that is so extraordinary that Trump needs to be deposed? Deposed about what? What would Trump be able to add to the case? This is insane. This is "rule by judges" Literally the Devil incarnate.