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‘Fusion GPS Hustle’: Timeline of who met who and WHEN in buildup of CNN’s latest Trump/Russia ‘exclusive’ is ALL so damning

CNN dropped another big ‘exclusive’ on Monday, claiming a top operative had been removed from Russia in 2017 because the CIA did not trust Trump.
The office of CIA Director Gina Haspel was quick to contradict their hit piece but it is CNN we’re talking about here, and they’ve never been ones to let facts get in the way of their narrative.
Gosh, this seems so familiar to us for some reason.
Ken Dilanian (NBC) visits Russian source's house on Sept. 8

Jim Scuitto (CNN) writes about Russian Source - falsely blaming Trump - on Sept 9

Dilanian publicizes visit & discloses city on Sept 9

Adam Goldman (NYT) publishes detailed article late Sept 9

Seems like old times...

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Here a leak, there a leak, everywhere a leak-leak.
Yuck, sorry, that sounds gross.
But not entirely inaccurate.

You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out …
Nothing to see here, folks.
They didn't get the memo, that the old playbook, isn't working any longer.

This is not the way to get ahead of what's coming.
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It is vaguely familiar, yes.
Some things never change—only the names change...and they refuse to change their ways..MSN doesn’t make mistakes—right?
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Don’t look at us, we don’t even pretend to understand what the heck is going on.

Don’t it?

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