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Grateful London Immigrant Says “English Is a Dirty Word” and British Flag represents Racism (VIDEO)

They’re not sending their best… or their smartest. 
An ungrateful female immigrant in England says, “English is a dirty word.” She also wants her own flag because the rest of England does not agree with her. What a lovely young woman.
Immigrant: I’m not English. How can I be English when one second they’re inviting us here and the next second they’re telling us we’re illegal immigrants? How can I be English when the rest of the country votes to leave? English is a dirty word. That’s my reflex… It’s not a description that relates to me. I was born in East London, in England. I am a Londoner… We should have our own flag. Because the English one? That doesn’t represent me.
She goes on to say this about the English flag.
“That doesn’t represent me That’s not something I can be proud of. How can I be when I got a memory of my dad sitting me down and telling me what that flag means to people who look like me. That flag should be a map to my identity but how could it be? When the white represents the EDL, the National Front. The racism. And when I see those lines of red I see the blood of my ancestors. ”
The red lines on the British flag represent St. George’s Cross. Christianity’s victory over Satan.
She’s as dumb as she is hateful.
Unfortunately, this is happening all over the West today thanks to the international left.

Who ever said diversity is strength? 

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