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‘Here’s my RECEIPT’: Undercover Huber just DECIMATES Paul Krugman’s crazy AF claim that Trump will jail 1000’s of journos

 Paul Krugman is nuttier than a squirrel’s bowel movement, but you knew that. Paul claimed there are two possible outcomes, either Trump and others end up in jail OR Trump will put thousands of journos in prison camps.
Alrighty then.
Told you guys, dude is NUT-TY.
Undercover Huber (whose timeline is quickly becoming one of our favorite ones to read through) took Krugman apart in three tweets and even showed his receipt.
This is what you call a ‘chef’s kiss’ response:

You’re quoting Josh Campbell, assistant to @Comey the FBI Director who said to Trump there is “value” in “putting a [reporters] head on a pike” to “send a message” while laughing about it. And that’s Comey who served under Obama who actually jailed journos - Trump has jailed 0 https://twitter.com/paulkrugman/status/1177731227807338497 

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So Comey said, ‘There is value in putting a reporter’s head on a pike to send a message,’ while laughing about it, and Krugman quoted HIS assistant.
Huh …
As we said, Huber brought a receipt.
Well well well, what do you know?
Man, these people so love to project, don’t they?
Oh and I’m creating a new : every tweet replying to you should include a reference to the GDP growth you said would be impossible under Trump. So here it is:

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Quiet you! Don’t you know!? Orange man bad!

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