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HOPE and change?! AOC’s big GOTCHA on why millennials aren’t starting families one of her biggest self-owns maybe EVER

Having a baby is expensive.
Gosh, who knew?
Nobody ever said something worth having would be cheap. Especially once the government got involved with healthcare …
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to make this about millennials which is sort of strange but eh, whatever floats her boat.
People are chastising millennials about starting families? Where is this happening? Not to be snotty but this editor is actually AOK with them not starting families before they’re ready. *shrug*

Let’s hear it for the ACA.
Gosh, AOC, Democrats claimed they were going to fix this with their magical Obamacare. Granted, she is probably passive-aggressively pushing Medicare For All here but we’re thinking it’s not really the dunk she thought it was.
Think of how many pregnant illegals cross the border to give birth but don’t pay for the medical bills related to that birth. That’s part of what inflates medical costs for everyone else. And yet you want freeeeeeee medical care for all. 🤣😂
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Should we tell her there are no magical money trees?
We’ve always known it was a lie.
Wait, does that work here? Maybe …
It's almost like government interference in private insurance caused higher costs for a lot of people.
The solution is obviously way more government interference. Then, we can ration healthcare and make women wait months to even see whichever doctor is still left.
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Right? It’s almost like the government makes things more expensive and less effective.
True story.
Which is why so many millennials avoid it.
But fair. We don’t remember asking her to have kids anytime soon so … eh.
So simple it’s painful.

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