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Lebron James Files to Trademark Phrase “Taco Tuesday” So He Can Charge You for Using It Despite not Coming up with Popular Phrase

Lebron James filed for the trademark “Taco Tuesday” despite not coming up with the phrase which has been around for decades.
Lebron wants to trademark the common phrase so he can charge others for using it.
LeBron James loves tacos and Tuesdays — so it is not that surprising that the Los Angeles Lakers star and entrepreneur is looking to literally cash in on the phrase “Taco Tuesday.”
According to lawyer Josh Gerben, a company owned by James called LBJ Trademarks filed for a trademark for “Taco Tuesday” on Aug. 15. According to the trademark application, James wants to trademark the phrase for “advertising and marketing services” through “indirect methods” that include social media and blogging.
James has regularly posted videos of himself enjoying tacos each Tuesday…
…Still, it seems like a lot for James to try to own the phrase, considering he did not come up with it himself and it is a social media phenomenon regardless of James’ affinity for it.
But this is yet another case of James delving into the business world, as he has branded himself as an entrepreneur beyond the sport of basketball.
Taco Tuesday.

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