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Liberal Canadian pol calls Justin Trudeau’s blackface mess ‘a teachable moment for all of us’ (and people have thoughts)

There are at least three instances of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau being photographed in blackface (four? Do we hear four?), and Iowahawk is pretty sure he knows where all this will ultimately end up:
I predict, by the end of the day, this will become a "teaching moment" requiring mandatory sensitivity training for all Canadians, with the exception of Justin Trudeau

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So let it be written, so let it be done:
Liberal Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament Mitzie Hunter is on it:

What Justin Trudeau did was wrong. He has apologized. I know it is not representative of the man he is.
This is a teachable moment for all of us. I accept his apology and I hope Canadians do too.

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We’re sure Mitzie would be equally generous if Trudeau were a conservative.
Why are Liberal transgressions always teachable moments, while equivalent conservative ones are considered career ending faux pas?🤔
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You just answered your question, Doug. Liberals are more equal than conservatives.
Teachable moment? Not one time in my entire life did I ever even consider wearing black face for any reason. Oh! Is he in your political party? Now your defense makes sense
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React how you wish to this but please spare me the "teachable moment" lecture. Most of us aren't morons who weren't told wearing blackface was a bad idea because we're the son of a PM.
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It’s a teachable moment for HIM, please leave the rest of us out of it. I don’t know anyone who would do what he’s done! ... on at least 3 separate occasions.
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Why should this be a teachable moment for all of us. I never did or would do what he did, I have known since I was a kid this is wrong. I do not need to be taught anything from Trudeau.
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Mitzi,SPARE US the patronizing "teachable moment" talking point SPIN . While this gaf may not brand Justin as a racist , it most certainly DOES DEFINE HIM TO BE THE HYPOCRITE THAT HE IS! All his identity politics/virtue signalling, sanctimonious preaching is pure HYPOCRISY
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A teachable moment? I'm older than he is, and I'm not stupid enough to disrespect others by wearing blackface. That is insulting to say the least. Stop trying to sweep it under the rug. Once maybe, twice is pushing it, but 3 times?!! That's no mistake.
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Teachable moment? What the hell does that mean? What professional, aspiring for the top job in Cda needs this as a teachable moment? I don’t know of anyone else that needs this or sees this as a teachable moment! That is a weak cop out, justification of this pathetic issue!
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