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Maxine Waters Screams Her Head Off Against Impeachment, Now She Changed Her Mind

There was a time, way back in the old days of 1998, when Democrats said a ton of truth about impeachment being a weapon of politics.
But the speeches that they made back then are coming bck to haunt them now, like Joe Biden’s speech decrying the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.
It was wacko Rep. Maxine Waters, who was still a Congresswoman two decades ago, saying the words that could be applied to her today.

“They are driven by hatred. They hate Bill and Hillary Clinton so much, they will stop at nothing to bring him down.
“Oh, but they got another thought coming. They thought that Bill Clinton was just going to fold up his tent and go home. Oh, but Hillary said, oh no. Oh no. Oh no,” she said to a raucous crowd.
Replace the names Bill and Hilary with Donald and Melania and the same could be said to her. And then she got creepy.
“Let me tell you what Hillary said. Hillary said, ‘Bill, you go out there and do the people’s business.’ She said ‘Bill, I don’t care what they say, you go out there, the polls show everywhere the people like the work that you’re doing. You go on out there and do the people’s work and I’ll take care of you later,’” she said.
This scandal is coming back to haunt Democrats in every conceivable way and it is only around 48 hours old.
It was Wednesday when President Donald Trump issued a statement that should have the Democrats shaking in their penny loafers.

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