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Mercedes-Benz plows into the lobby of a Trump Plaza in New York: Three injured after driver smashed his car through the front doors of the building then 'got out and sat on a couch'

Three people have been injured after a car smashed into the lobby of one of Donald Trump's buildings in suburban New York. 
The driver of a black Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe crashed into Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, just outside Manhattan, on Tuesday night. 
Witnesses reported seeing the driver get out of his car and take a seat on a sofa inside the lobby immediately after the crash.   

Two bystanders and the driver suffered minor injuries in the incident. 
None of the injuries appeared to be serious. 
The driver was interviewed by police at the scene but the crash appeared to be an accident. 
Police said there was nothing suspicious about the crash. 
Footage from the scene obtained by CBS showed fire crews, police and paramedics surrounding Trump Plaza. 
The black vehicle could be seen in the middle of the building's lobby and debris and glass from the doors of the building were strewn across the sidewalk.  
The Trump Plaza building is a luxury apartment building located in downtown New Rochelle. 
The building has 187 condominiums over 40 storys. 
'We would like to thank the first responders for their swift attention to this evening's incident,' a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said in a statement. 
'We are truly grateful to them for their service.'  

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