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‘Needs to be retracted’: @AG_Conservative TAKES APART that CNN story on Trump and the CIA asset in Russia

AG Conservative has another one of his must-read threads, this one that takes apart CNN’s big scoop yesterday that a CIA asset close to Russian President Vladimir Putin had to be extracted over worries that he would be outed by President Trump:
So let's talk about the latest story about a CIA asset that had to be extracted from Russia in 2017 because of fear for their safety...

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TL;DR version? CNN’s version is bogus and has been thoroughly discredited by new reporting by the Washington Post and the NYT:
Summary: Started with a CNN story that blamed Trump for losing key asset. NYT story then revealed that it had little to do with Trump and media questions led to the asset needing to be extracted. Finally, NBC News decided to irresponsibly reveal where that asset was now. https://twitter.com/AG_Conservative/status/1171213357589962752 

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Now, back to the whole thread ==>
I will note that I have been very critical of Trump's handling of classified information. He has the right to declassify things as POTUS, but that does not mean it is a wise move in many instances.

It can be very harmful w/o proper process.

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A lot of reporters portrayed the nYT story as confirmation of the CNN story, but it actually provides quite a few details the essentially contradict the central thesis in the CNN story.

So much so that the CNN story probably needs to be retracted.

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The NYT story points out that the source in question was actually offered an extraction in 2016 (before Trump was President) because CIA sources had already viewed the source as compromised (they rejected).

That doesn't fit with the theory that Trump's handling was responsible.

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The CIA Spokesman specifically responded to the CNN motive claim, which doesn't make sense with the timeline, by calling it "misguided speculation".

It also isn't clear how the information Trump revealed in the May meeting (which CNN pointed to) would have affected the source.

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Lastly, the NYT specifically points to media reporting about Russian interference in the election as the reason the CIA believe the source was compromised. That is why they offered to extract that source in 2016, and again successfully in 2017.

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This is a serious story. Losing a high-level asset in the Russian government is a big deal and deserves solid reporting (which NYT did in this case). Journalists should not be spinning such stories to score political points.

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Worth noting that outlets such as Vox, The Hill, and The Guardian all picked up CNN's now-discredited version of the story.

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