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Netflix Kids Show Creator Wrote Sick Pedophile Post After Stalking Young Boy

The creator of a Netflix kids’ show is now under fire for a sickening post made about a teenage boy.
Julia Vickerman, the creator of “Twelve Forever,” wrote the now-deleted post back in 2010. Although the post was scrubbed from her blog, an archived version is still accessible and recently was rediscovered.
The blog post details a very unsettling encounter between Vickerman and an unidentified boy. At the time, Vickerman would have been 25 years old.
Vickerman describes a “beautiful androgynous long black-haired emo 14-year-old boy wearing tight black pants and a black t-shirt” who was with his mother.
“Occasionally I get instantaneous infatuations with strangers that can only be described as ‘overwhelming’ or … ‘annoying’ depending on how patient you are with me. Tony was nice enough to follow this poor boy around the small carnival with me as I tried to sneak photos (none of which turned out well).” (Emphasis added.) 
“I knew that my heart would be forever in turmoil unless I at least TRIED to talk to him,” Vickerman continued. “Oh GOD if only his mom hadn’t been there.”
Thankfully for the boy, his mom was there.
Vickerman eventually worked up the courage to approach the mother-and-son duo, gifting them a pair of ride tickets.
She said it was “the best day ever” and concluded, “WHY AM I SO CREEPY.” 
The post was tagged with “#pedophile.”
Vickerman’s show, “Twelve Forever,” is about a 12-year-old whose drive to stay a kid is so strong that she enters an alternate universe. Considering Vickerman’s post, it’s looking like this series is the brainchild of a twisted mind.
The fact that this show is marketed toward children makes the entire situation even more sickening.
Vickerman now appears to have scrubbed much of her online presence, including her Tumblr blog with the now-infamous post.
She also seems to have gone dark on Twitter after a recent post of hers was met with archived links to her pedophilic post, memes and other things you’d expect from an outraged community. 
The almighty Steve Agee plays both Mack and Beefhouse (AND Big Deal!) on Twelve Forever. He is so funny and so talented and the passion he brought to these characters was truly a gift. The way he delivered "I'm your worst nightmare baby" is just..thank you, Steve
Would you mind explaining why you think following a 14 year old boy around a fair is not only normal, but accepted? Its disgusting, you should not be around children or creating content that will bring you closer to a potential victim.
See Move, I'm 250 Runaway Pigs ðŸ·ðŸ·'s other Tweets
Although there’s never a good time for this sort of bombshell information to make it into the public eye, now is an especially bad time given the scrutiny of Hollywood sexual abuse and child abuse in recent years.
This is obviously something Netflix and others associated with the show want to avoid, whether it comes down to parting ways with Vickerman or spiking the show entirely.
For now, however, the fates of “Twelve Forever” and Vickerman both appear uncertain.
The Western Journal has reached out to Netflix and “Twelve Forever” for comment but has not yet received a response. We will update this article if and when we do.

Efforts to contact Vickerman were unsuccessful.

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