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Prepare to LOL as former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes explains to us how the Iran Nuclear Deal has ‘solved the problem’

On this edition of spit takes by former Obama administration officials, Ben Rhodes, the national security adviser who helped craft the Iran Nuclear Deal, thinks the Trump administration’s policies have accelerated Iran’s nuclear program and that the deal his administration finagled “solved the problem.”
Trump’s policy has led directly to an accelerating Iranian nuclear program and yet he gets less scrutiny in US politics and media than Obama’s nuclear deal which had solved the problem.

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Aside from the utter hilarity of such an assertion, there are two glaring flaws in his logic.
First, what could possibly give him the impression that the “problem” (which is Iran’s pursuit of developing nuclear weapons) has been “solved”?
Second, by what measure does he calculate that paying Iran off in millions has done anything but make the rogue regime more greedy to take further advantage of the U.S.?



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Obama solved the problem
By paving a path to a fully legitimized nuclear program for Iran

Not really the "solution" the world needed
But it showed the power of a massive Dem/Media propaganda operation, so kudos to you on that

Now we'll actually deal with the problem https://twitter.com/brhodes/status/1170397756286021633 
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The Iran Nuclear Deal worked so well, Iran has recently been boasting about breaching the uranium limits set by the deal.

One would think Rhodes’ tweet is from a parody account, except it isn’t.

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