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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants US immigration policy to take into account the many climate refugees

It was just last week, on Sept. 11, that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended a town hall meeting hosted by the NAACP and proclaimed that it’s realistic that Miami will not exist in a few years unless her Green New Deal is passed and something’s done about climate change immediately.
Now she’s retweeting a piece from Mic and claiming that climate refugees are knocking at America’s door.
Mic says that “extreme weather” has displaced 7 million people this year alone, citing a study by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, which is apparently a thing that exists, claiming that in the first six months of 2019, “more than seven million people were forced to leave their homes by floods, landslides, tornadoes and other natural disasters.”
Even Mic uses “extreme weather” and not “climate change” in its reporting, and we’re not sure what climate change has to do with landslides, or floods or tornadoes or other natural disasters that have been around as long as the earth itself.
I'm pretty sure the climate isn't persecuting anyone...

Besides, if Florida is supposedly going to be underwater soon like this lunatic has claimed, perhaps we should first prepare for an onslaught of "domestic refugees" fleeing their underwater homes?

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😂😂😂 it is cold in NY, can I become a climate refugee in Tahiti, this creature is mindless....

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“Climate refugee”?

She apparently hasn’t figured out the thermostat on her luxury condo in DC.

Will the Democrats (who privately says AOC is nuts) ever admit she is an embarrassment to herself and their party?

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It’s true that over at Slate, Eric Holthaus said in 2015 you could draw “a very credible climate connection to this disaster we call ISIS now.”

We’ll see who’s laughing in a few years when Miami’s underwater.

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