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Rep. Ilhan Omar says images of African slave dungeons remind her of US migrant detention centers

We’re not sure to which group Rep. Ilhan Omar was speaking or when the video was recorded, but we’ll admit it’s harrowing — sitting through 2 minutes and 20 seconds of Omar talking, that is. In the video, Omar recounts images she saw of “dungeons” in which African slaves were kept and said they couldn’t help but remind her of the migrant detention centers along the U.S. border.
If you don’t think you can stomach the whole thing, skip ahead to 1:58 or so:
Rep. Ilhan Omar compares migrant detention centers to slave camps in Africa during the slave trade.

This rhetoric is misleading and dangerous. Illegal immigrants entered the country illegally. They broke the law. That wasn’t the case with slaves. That’s an important distinction.

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There’s another important distinction too, which was handy in debunking the idea that the detention centers were “concentration camps”:
So were the African slaves walking to these camps, taking their kids along for the ride too?

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I must have missed that part of history where slaves were FREE to leave. πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΌ‍♀️ She’s a disgrace.

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Another big difference is these people will be sent back home after their stay while slaves were you know, SLAVES!

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Also, slaves aren’t feee to leave. Illegal immigrants are more than free to walk their asses back across the border.

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It seems that for the far left the greater the exaggeration or mis-characterization of a situation the better. Comparing migrant detention centers to African slave camps is just wrong.

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She will say anything to create angst and discord in our country. You can not compare these......these immigrants made a choice to come here.

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It’s funny, too, how The Squad seems to have forgotten those concentration camps and moved back to other topics, like the Green New Deal.

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