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SUCH warriors! AOC praising Maxine Waters and Rashida Tlaib for screeching to impeach Trump backfires on all 3 women

Today AOC is showing some love to Maxine Waters and Rashida Tlaib for being completely divisive, politically annoying, rage harpies.
We meant she’s showing them some love for being so brave in calling for Trump to be impeached.
Or something.
Today I’m showing some love to @RepMaxineWaters + @RashidaTlaib, who endured the brunt of gaslighting & vitriol for being among the first to recognize WH corruption & publicly advocate for impeachment, making it easier for the rest of us.

People think that’s easy. It’s not.
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It’s not easy to act like an unhinged maniac because you can’t accept Democrats lost the 2016 election?
Huh, who knew?
She continued.
For months & years, these women endured criticism & death threats for telling the truth.

Yet they still tried to stop blatant corruption as it got worse: diplomats staying at Trump properties, kids dying in for-profit prisons who gave $ to his inaugural cmte, obstr of justice.
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For months and years, these women have been throwing an endless temper tantrum not only embarrassing their constituents but the very offices they were elected to fill.
Really AOC?
Just like that.
Good point.
SUCH warriors.
It is easy when your bubble and the dominant culture will do nothing but praise you for what you’re doing.
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Girl power and stuff!
Talk about Biden's corruption or Omars campaign finance law violations if you want talk about corruption
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Won’t someone think of the environment!?!

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  1. Corruption is a requirement of public office for a politician.