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TDS ALERT: The Washington Post paid a reporter to travel to Alabama and investigate how Hurricane Dorian didn’t do any damage

The Washington Post actually paid for one of its reporters to head to Alabama and report on how Hurrican Dorian missed the state:
Here’s the opener:
MOBILE, Ala. — The city stands.
The grocery stores are fully stocked, the Home Depot has no lack of generators, tarps and plywood, and it’s business as usual at the Waffle Houses.
Boaters on the Mobile River have been urged to caution — only because a group of manatees were spotted frolicking nearby. The highway south runs past unsunk boats and unbroken masts all the way to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, where resort-town general stores report no panicked runs on supplies — not now and not a week ago, when Trump first claimed Alabama would likely be slammed by Hurricane Dorian.
Remember this article the next time the Post talks about how they’re the real journalists:

But we must admit, we are jealous. How do we get free trips out of natural disaster?

Ha ha hey @DailyCaller did you see Trump say the hurricane was gonna hit Hawaii? What an idiot amirite looks like I’m gonna have to go check it out to make sure...
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