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THERE it is! Politico’s spin on unhinged, ban-happy 2020 Dems could win ‘gold medal in the mental gymnastics’

As evidenced by the marathon CNN town hall on climate change Wednesday, the field of Democrat candidates for that party’s 2020 nomination has a laundry list of things that they believe need to be banned in order to save the world from a fiery demise that will occur anywhere from 14 months to 50 years from now (depending on which panicked estimate you believe).
Politico framed the 2020 Democrat rush to “ban all the things” this way:
Democrats’ verbal targeting of everything from plastic straws to cheeseburgers is stoking fears among anti-Trump forces that they’re unwittingly playing into Republican culture wars https://politi.co/2zYQ5TQ 

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Does that sound a lot like “Republicans pounce”? Because that’s what it sounds like:

It makes you wonder.
And by “pounce” Politico means “win the 2020 election if the Dems don’t stop sounding so unhinged.”
“Republican culture wars.”

When the loonies on the Dem side are running on government-mandated veganism and outlawing cars, air travel and electricity.

Politico (D)
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So you're just going to pretend that Senator Warren did not address that in the climate forum? Why?? Your lack of honesty is deplorable.
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dems are burning down their own house. the candidates compete to see who can spray the most gasoline on the embers.
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Every time the Democrat candidates’ masks slip, so do their chances of winning next year, and the media knows that.

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