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This is not a test. We repeat, this is NOT a test! Jonah Goldberg may have just broken Twitter with THREE LITTLE WORDS

Everyone take cover! Jonah Goldberg has gone and done it … he has BROKEN TWITTER.
Okay, maybe not, but this is the sort of truth-telling that Twitter usually can’t deal with.
She lost.
She wasn’t cheated.
It wasn’t some giant conspiracy.
She lost.
The end.
Move on.
True story.

We’re thinking she does NOT.
Cue the shrieking:
That’s what happens when the current GOP SOS runs for Governor and has all the means of cheating at their fingertips.
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She lost, but ignoring the shadiness that aided it will only make our democracy weaker.
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That’s easy to do when your opponent runs the election and actively interferes in it.
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Ever notice when Democrats lose they always think they’ve been cheated?
It’s so strange.
Wait, no, it’s annoying, not strange.

Crazy, right?!

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