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Tucker Carlson Scorches Gun-Grabbing Dems: 'What You're Calling for Is Civil War'

Media Matters for America published a video on Sept. 3 of Fox News host Tucker Carlson voicing a fair concern about government confiscation of firearms.
The leftist watchdog organization is notorious for clipping “controversial” videos of conservative figures saying benign things. This video of Carlson is no exception.
Media Matters promoted the clip with the straightforward headline “Tucker Carlson says a gun buyback program will lead to ‘civil war.'”
Watch the video below.

“Beto O’Rourke, obviously, is a footnote and a completely mediocre, irrelevant character. But it’s not simply Beto; that’s the tape that we played,” Carlson begins. “Elizabeth Warren, who seems likely to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, much more likely than Joe Biden in my opinion, has also called for gun confiscation.”
Gun confiscation is indeed becoming a mainstream Democratic proposal.
“What you’re calling for is civil war,” Carlson continued. “What you’re calling for is an incitement to violence. It’s something that — I wouldn’t want to live here when that happened, would you? I’m serious.”
That’s the part that the left has an issue with. It’s apparently worthy of outrage to state that the government disarming people it arbitrarily declares criminals might get messy.

Carlson is exactly right. Leftists like to stereotype gun owners and conservatives, but surely they know that we won’t be willing to give up our weapons.
They apparently do not, as Media Matters and presidential candidates like O’Rourke seem to believe that we’ll just surrender our means to protect ourselves with a smile.
That’s obviously not the case; as instances from around the world show, the right to bear arms could have saved many freedoms from the grasp of corrupt governments.
Gun owners love phrases like “come and take them” and “pry it from my cold dead hands” for a reason.
There’s real truth and conviction behind those sayings, and conservatives are right to say that violence will beget violence. Deep down, leftists know that, too.

It’s the simple truth that the federal government does not want to enforce confiscation, evident when the 1994 “assault weapons” ban provided exceptions for guns that were already owned.
Furthermore, many police officers or other federal agents would likely refuse to carry out the government’s orders based on their own personal convictions.
Stealing weapons from its own citizens is the act of a totalitarian government, and euphemistically declaring that theft a “buyback” reeks of Soviet-style propaganda.
Turning a gun on innocent people in an attempt to strip them of their freedom is nothing more than oppression. Carlson’s segment is far from controversial.

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