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‘Why would you LIE to your readers?!’ Mollie Hemingway RIPS Brian Stelter for outright LYING in his newsletter and HOO-boy

Remember when Brian Stelter was an actual journalist?
Huh, we don’t either.
But it does seem like he’s finally embracing the idea that he’s more of an activist than a journalist. Or at least he’s not trying quite so hard to hide it.
Brave government employees are standing up to Trump's unbelievable claims about Hurricane Dorian. They are insisting on truth.https://mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-sept-9-2019 

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‘Brave government employees are standing up to Trump.’
Funny, we don’t remember CNN covering brave government employees standing up to Obama.
Mollie Hemingway noticed something else in Brian’s newsletter:

In that newsletter, you falsely claimed NYT "added additional details" to Sciutto's story when they actually debunked all its key claims, or at very least contradicted them. Why would you lie to your readers about such an easily checkable issue?

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Because he knows his sixteen readers (including Mollie) won’t read beyond the headline or care about whether or not what they’re reading is the truth.
Just a guess.
So very busted.

It’s the media’s way.

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