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Wow. Even Joe Biden’s press secretary can’t explain his plan to get the troops out of Afghanistan by opening bases in Pakistan

At last night’s debate, former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a plan to get the troops out of Afghanistan by opening bases in Pakistan:
Former Vice President Biden says he would use military bases in Pakistan as an alternative to having troops in Afghanistan. Can’t imagine that’s even within the realm of what’s possible. For many reasons, including internal politics, Pakistan wouldn’t agree to it.

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And he’s the so-called expert in the Democratic party:
Even Joe Biden press secretary Symone Sanders can’t explain it:

Biden Press Secretary Symone Sanders can’t explain Biden’s plan to put military bases in Pakistanhttps://youtu.be/tOGDrJwcBUY 

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Biden may need a new press secretary after that performance:
Wow. Absolutely terrible segment. She should've just said she wasn't prepared to discuss that topic because she obviously wasn't.
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Video of Biden’s nonsense here:

Joe biden floats the idea of establishing bases in after withdrawal from Afghanistan to keep an eye on Afg & counter any threats that might emerge. Hard to see Pakistanis agreeing considering the history of US buttering up, scapegoating & sanctioning Pakistan on a whim.
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