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Atheist group files formal complaint against judge for gifting Bible to Amber Guyger

The judge who presided over the trial of ex-officer Amber Guyger has received a formal complaint against her, filed by an atheist group who took issue with the jurist witnessing to Guyger and presenting the prison-bound woman with her personal Bible.

What's the background?

Guyger was convicted of murder this week, for killing her unarmed neighbor, Botham Jean, in his own apartment. The former police officer said she mistakenly entered Jean's home thinking it was her own, and shot him because she believed he was an intruder.

After Judge Tammy Kemp handed down Guyger's sentence of 10 years in prison, Jean's brother, Brandt Jean, displayed an incredible act of grace when he gave an impact statement saying that he forgave Guyger, encouraged her to dedicate her life to Christ, and then embraced his brother's killer.

Following Brandt Jean's statement — in the court room still filled with emotion — Judge Kemp descended from the bench, comforted the Jean family and then turned her attention back to Guyger, handing her a Bible and telling her:

You can have [my Bible]. I have three or four more at home. This is the one I use every day. This is your job for the next month. Right here. John 3:16. And this is where you start, 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.'
"He has a purpose for you," the judge continued. "This will strengthen you. You just need a tiny mustard seed of faith. You start with this."

With that, the judge also hugged Guyger and added, "It's not because I'm good. It's because I believe in Christ. I'm not so good. You haven't done as much as you think you have, and you can be forgiven. You did something bad in one moment in time. What you do now matters."

What does the complaint say?

According to a complaint filed Thursday with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct by atheist non-profit Freedom from Religion Foundation, Kemp's actions toward Guyger after sentencing were a violation of the separation of church and state.

"Delivering bibles and personally witnessing as a judge is an egregious abuse of power," the complaint alleged, adding further, "Judge Kemp otherwise appears to have handled a difficult trial with grace and aplomb, but that cannot excuse her inappropriate and unconstitutional actions, which are a serious abrogation of the freedom of conscience protected by our First Amendment."

The FFRF requested that the Commission on Judicial Conduct investigate Judge Kemp's actions and "take all appropriate steps to ensure no future misconduct."


  1. Quite right. The judge should keep her bible bashing for her free time. Preaching while she's presiding is wrong.

    1. It seems that to judge between right & wrong one almost must have a moral foundation. You must admit if everyone followed the 10 Commandments, regardless of faith or lack thereof, the world would truly be a better place. Similarly, the most despicable among us are often godless wretches. Just saying....

    2. No, the world would be a dull borefest and/or totalitarian nightmare, although I doubt even the most authoritarian Christain regime could enforce the commandments, many of which are stupid, all of which are highly flawed and inadequate legally speaking... When they tried The Christain State murdered millions in the name of The Almighty God.... and the 'absolute forgiveness' offered by Jesus is totally anti-justice while eternal hell for simply thinking bad things, or dishonouring your folks, coveting an ox (and the 100s of lesser and increasingly ridiculous commandments) is even worse.... SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE... and stop believing in evil books and kids fairy tales.

  2. complete injustice here. this idiocy on "forgiving" a murderer is disgusting.

  3. Brandt’s message of forgiveness raised himself above any others in the court room that day. He became a real American hero!

  4. Heros risk life and limb to help others.... This Christain moron completely insults justice and his god at the same time by showing it's OK to break one of the 10 commandments...

  5. A major 'stank' surrounds this entire incident. Will we ever be told the truth???

  6. This has absolutely nothing to do with the separation of church and state. Congress shall make no laws respecting a religion. Where and how did this judge violate this part of the Constitution? First, she's not a lawmaker, secondly, by giving the ex cop a bible does not create a law in recognition of religion, nor did she violate the separation clause. She simply gave Amber a bible. Is this moronic atheist group going to sue all prisons and county jails for giving inmates bibles? Are these people for real or are they just trying to show off? Why don't they go after the Muslims and Sharia law which has already been enacted in some parts of the country?