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AWFUL! Trump Judicial Pick Breaks Down in Tears Over Horrible Far Left Smears During Hearing

President Trump’s judicial pick for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals went before the US Senate on Wednesday. Lawrence Van Dyke works for the DOJ’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division. During questioning Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked Vn Dyke about a horrible smear piece written about him by the far left American Bar Association.

The leftists at the ABA’s Federal Judiciary Committee voted that VanDyke was “not qualified” for the position, citing concerns that he “lacks humility” and “does not have an open mind.” The ABA accused Van Dyke of being a homophobe and lazy.
Van Kyke broke down when confronted about the slanderous accusations. The Democrats drove this distinguished judicial nominee to tears.
Maybe some day Republicans will realize they are not dealing with normal people. These people are vicious. They are power hungry and many are evil.
Van Dyke replied, “I did not say that,” as he sobbed on the stand.
The ABA attorney who wrote the hit piece on Van Dyke donated to his former political opponent!
Following the questioning Senator Hawley called on the US Senate to refuse future candidates to be interviewed by the far left ABA as part of the Senate process.


  1. Obviously Van Dyke is not qualified for the position. If was qualified he would he would have stood up to Federal Judiciary Committee and not broken down in tears.You need to have some spine to hold a powerful position and he does not have the spine.