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Brit Hume, Bret Baier, Hugh Hewitt team up to dissect that big New York Times scoop on Australia

In case you missed it, this is the big bombshell the New York Times dropped Monday afternoon that has journalists busy tweeting and retweeting:
How the Times uses words like “pushed” and “pressed,” whereas a spokesman for the Australian government essentially tweeted that they were happy to help in any way they could. No quid pro quo here, move along.
Brit Hume started to pick apart the piece by pointing out a bit that was pure speculation:
Not sure how the New York Times considers that breaking news if Trump told them back in May he was going to do it.
Everyone should have known the swamp dwellers would not go quietly. This is playing out like an episode of Designated Survivor. It’s only going to get worse. They can’t afford to wait till Election Day to πŸ›‘ Trump. Their lies will be exposed by then.
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Your damn right Trump should be investigating those countries there was a major coup attempt and he has every right and quite frankly obligation to find out what happened....
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Suddenly Democrats find the word investigation dirty when it comes to looking under the hood of their clown car..
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The NYT article makes me want to vote for Trump in 2020 simply because he is the rare politician who actually does what he said he would do.
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And the president was and is right. There’s been a slow simmering Cabal headed towards hijacking our democracy. Perhaps the president is right that evil and good will clash ultimately if this goes any further
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Since when is the sitting president not allowed to look into a coup attempt perpetrated by elements of our own CIA, FBI, and State Department on his campaign and presidency? The president does not have LESS rights than any other American.
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Comey said they couldn’t verify the dossier so if it was used(it was)to start the surveillance of Team Trump don’t we deserve to know where the false info came from?
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Wow Bret, that is a bombshell report! So the President ordered a corruption probe back in May. Dems won't like this.
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