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Cute, sort of? Beto O’Rourke takes little girl’s lemonade stand money for his vanity campaign

We’ll be honest … when we first read this tweet, we assumed Beto O’Rourke hadn’t taken nearly $1,000 raised by a 5-year-old and her lemonade stand. But now that we’ve watched the video, which is supposed to be cute, it looks like he pocketed the money, and that made us kind of sad. Who takes money from a little kid?
This weekend, I met Kelcie, who has raised almost $1,000 for our campaign at her lemonade stand. Kelcie, and people like her, power this campaign. Join them by chipping in before our midnight deadline: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/beto-social-20190930?refcode=organic-twitter 

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He won’t accept donations from large corporations, but he will raid your lemonade stand.
Wait a minute, did she obtain a sales permit?

A business license?

Has she established proper Healthcare for the employees?

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Poor girl. She could probably better use that money for school supplies or some athletic/exercise equipment but instead she's squandering it on a candidate that has zero chance of winning & who will forget her name after the first drunken drug binge after he drops out.

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People under age 18 are allowed by FEC law to donate to your campaign? I think so. Is it moral to take money from a child? 🤷‍♂️

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How low and desperate do you got to be to take money from a child especially since you condone late term abortion, guess it’s ok if they give you money... Man lucky for you her parents decided to have her, low life

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You have no heart taking this little girls money knowing well you won’t get the Democratic ticket and you wouldn’t beat @realDonaldTrump anyways. Don’t take her money 😔

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So you've gone from mooching off of your wife to taking money from a little girl.

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You actually would take that money from a little girl? As much as your worth? What a sleaze-ball

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Well there went $1000 down the toilet. Why didn’t you have her save that for her future

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I truly hope Beta did not take $1k from that little girl. How many millions is he and his family worth?

If he accepted that donation, it would be the most selfish, pathetic act in this political season to date. It's not cute. It's shameless.

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  1. i doubt if a 5 year old actually had a lemonade stand.
    what kind of parents exploit their 5 year old to sell lemonade?