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Elizabeth Warren allocates $2.75 trillion haul from her unconstitutional wealth tax (sorry, nothing in there about Medicare for All)

Big news, everybody. Now we know how Elizabeth Warren plans to plan to allocate all that big money from her wealth tax:
This means she he’d have to find other ways to pay for future plans.

Worth noting: She has already come up w/ non-wealth tax $$ to pay for some other things — e.g., an investment tax on high earners to extended life of social security

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Oh, OK.
Pretty neat, huh?
Doesn’t have to. Much like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren seems to think that this sort of thing falls under the president’s purview (provided that president is a Democrat, of course).
Don’t worry. She’s still working on that:
Also worth noting:

—Warren is using the wealth tax exclusively to pay for priorities around education/childcare

—She has said wealth tax would pay for lots of priorities but never claimed it could pay for M4A

—Yesterday in Iowa said a M4A plan is close
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Honestly, this entire discussion is pretty pointless. As Elizabeth Warren — and proponents of her wealth tax — seem to forget:

But forget it. She’s rolling.

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  1. $2.75 trillion stolen from the rich is $2.75 trillion that they can't donate to charities.